meet the team

meet our Chief Barketing Officer, Una! 

as CBO, Una has been taking on many important responsibilities within the company including afternoon snoozes, accepting belly rubs, and eating lots of treats. in between her snoozes, she's been working diligently on her projects which is bringing more fun to your inbox. She also loves to greet people at our local markets we participate in each summer.


meet our CEO, Rachel!

as CEO and owner, Rachel designs and creates each item in the shop. from screenprinting the shirts to sanding the clay earrings after they've baked, each item is handmade with so much love.

 rachel created MTCC in january of 2020 with selling clay jewelry and has since then added apparel, glassware, and home goods.

 she loves the creativity behind creating each product and the happiness it brings all of you while you're wearing the products.

thanks for being here!! we appreciate you. 💓